The New Threelle

This time around, we will be using Youtube’s new live feed radio service. We still plan to run Threelle Radio 24 hours a day but we are now able to have a more involved community. We can also add links to your social media accounts, your website, and your merch! That way we can bring our growing community to you, get you merch sales, and new fans from the community we work hard to build.

The first time around we did all this without making any money. We are hoping to change that so that we can continue to run the station long into the future, and continue to grow and expand our reach. We do not plan to charge our listeners, however, we will be accepting donations from station supporters who would like to help. I tell you this so that you are aware we may make money from playing your music. There is no guarantee of this and no expected numbers, but we will be keeping the donations in order to put them back into the station. I wanted to be sure that it was okay with you before we add your music. If this is something you are interested in please let us know as we plan to get started immediately.

If you have new music and would like us to play them please send a digital file or download link and we will take care of the rest. We will also need links to any media you wish for us to display and we will add it to our station and our website, If you do not have digital files, you can send your albums to 122 Jones St., Modesto CA, 95354. The more info you send, the better chance you will see traffic from our community. If you are not interested in having your music played, please let us know and we will remove you from the list.

We believe that this can and will be mutually beneficial and hope that you see it the way we do. We hope to hear from you soon! Thank you so much for your time!!